Twitch Affiliate Explained – Everything you need to know

Today, we’re going to be talking about the Twitch affiliate program. To get started, Twitch affiliate is because you may not know. Twitch affiliate is a status and also a contract with Twitch. This status gives streamers the ability to start earning income on Twitch while they build their audience and work towards the coveted status of Twitch partner.

Perks of Twitch affiliate

Now you may be asking, what are the perks of Twitch affiliate and how do you use this to your advantage to grow your viewership and make money on Twitch? To break this down, we’re going to be covering this in two different groups. The first group will be the monetary benefits for the streamer, and the second will be benefits for the viewer.

For the streamer, the main monetary perk is the ability to earn revenue from Twitchbits, which are donations from viewers. Viewers purchase Twitchbits and donate them to their favorite streamers as a way of supporting them. Streamers can also earn revenue from ads, subscriptions, and game sales.

For the viewer, the main perk is access to exclusive content from their favorite streamers. This content may include behind-the-scenes footage, exclusive chat rooms, and early access to new videos or streams. While the second group is a benefit for the viewers, it’s also kind of a benefit for the streamer as well because it incentivizes viewers to be active with parts of the first group that we’ll cover in just a minute.

Streamer’s Benefits

Subscriptions are available for viewers in up to four tiers, that being $4.99, $9.99, $24.99, and the free Twitch Prime sub. Next we have Bits. Bits is essentially Twitch’s version of currency and 100 bits are worth $1 to a streamer, and these can be donated alongside a chat message. After Bits, we have ads. These ads can be displayed as pre-roll or mid-roll ads, and they are a way to make money directly through Twitch. Our last streamer perk is earnings through game sales. When streaming some games on Twitch, there will be product placement banners below the video, and these will feature game titles and in-game items that can be purchased by the viewers, while the streamer will make around a 5% commission per sale.

Viewers benefit

Twitch Viewers perks, there are actually quite a bit of things that the viewers benefit from as well, the first two being sub badges and emotes. These are customizable by the streamer and are a great way of showing their support for their favorite streamers and getting a little bit of something in return. They have channel polls and channel points.Channel polls are pretty self explanatory. You set up a poll and your viewers can vote on what game you want to see, they want to see you play and other stuff like that. And Channel point, on the other hand, are a little bit more unique and give viewers points based off of their time watching your stream and interacting with the stream. And these points can later be used for custom rewards and challenges in the chat after channel points we have transcoding. This feature is great as it gives the viewers the ability to adjust the resolution of your live stream. transcoding for affiliate streams is not guaranteed as it is only on an available with priority status.

Other than these

The last few perks for subscribers are stream reruns and video premieres, and these features are really geared towards keeping viewers entertained when you aren’t live, so they’re a little bit different than the other perks that we’ve mentioned. I also want to mention that affiliate streamers also have the ability to host subscriber only streams, and this is a feature that isn’t quite used as commonly as the other features mentioned but is still only available to Twitch affiliates and Twitch partners. This is a quick rundown of what the Twitch affiliate program is and the mini perks for the streamer and for the viewers.

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