How to Grow on Twitch to get Partnered Quickly (2022 Update)
grow on twitch easily and smartly

How to Grow on Twitch to get Partnered Quickly (2022 Update)

Growing on twitch is not an easy task. Twitch now had been a very competitive platform. Because it is very easy to be a twitch streamer. Anyone with a computer, console, or mobile can start streaming on Twitch. But streaming on twitch without a plan and some rules won’t make one a successful twitch streamer even you’re very skilled on the game or whatever you stream. You must do some research and use some hacks to grow on twitch. This article will cover anything that you need to know to grow on twitch. So let’s get into it.


Quality and updated equipment.

Before getting into streaming one must have the proper streaming equipment. This starts with a good PC, Webcam, Microphone to even decorative items. No one wants to watch glitchy videos or hear choppy sounds. For some bad equipment, your good quality content will also fail to attract viewers. So there is no alternative to use quality equipment. Day by day, equipment is updating, as well as the demand of viewers is updating. So don’t fall behind others not having the updated streaming equipment. This article may be helpful to choose good streaming equipment at cheap rate.

streaming equipment
Streaming equipment

Try to build a community.

You know what community means, a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common. Living in the same place will not apply on twitch community most of the time but the particular common characteristic plays a vital role. Whoever leave a message in the chat is most probably interested in your content and a potential community member. Try to understand his interest the common ones. Talk about the common interest and have a good time together while having your viewers count go up.

twitch communty
Twitch Community

No silence during streaming.

This is very important! No one likes silence while watching. If someone bumps into your stream and sees you sitting silent, they must not stay. Think about how you would feel to watch silent TV.  When you are streaming, you are an entertainer. You have to entertain people. And everyone wants to have fun. You should never be silent. Always make fun with them. You have to talk as much as possible. You can describe what you are doing in the game or the weird things you have done that day. For this, you can practice speaking on your own. Even if it sounds ridiculous to hear, it will be very useful.

Keep talking

Don’t stream over-saturated games

You have to be selective while start streaming. It would be best if you got more viewers, not broadcasters. Over-saturated games have so many streamers. You can have an idea of oversaturated games by dividing viewers count by the number of streamers. The lower the number is the higher the game is saturated in general. Use websites like TwitchTracker or for your research. I recommend this link to find the best games to stream. When I tell you not to stream over-saturated games, it means that the games is streaming on too much channel compared to viewers count. Maybe these games have a lot of viewers, streamers. The question may arise in your mind why? You see, there is more competition among the games that have more streamers. You must not want to fall into this competition as a new streamer. So I prefer to avoid over-saturated games as much as possible. The video below will be helpful to avoid over-saturated games.

Choosing the right hours.

Hours are very important for getting viewers. Do some research on which hour is best suitable for the particular content/game you will be streaming. Again use websites like TwitchTracker or for your research. Keep in mind the following lines while researching. All the hours of a day do not contain the same number of viewers and streamers. There are some times when many streamers are streaming. As a new, it will be difficult to get your viewers if you stream during these times, then you have to compete with a large number of streamers. So if you want to stream without competing with thousands of streamers at a time, you should avoid the busy hours. You should find out the hours while minimum streamers stream. It is also a very important thing, as a saturated game issue. The streamer should smart while maintaining it. Below is a helpful overall image that shows peak viewers and time relation. It will differ with games, location, and audience type.

best time to stream on twitch
Best time to stream on twicth

Play with viewers.

Many viewers like to play with the streamer, especially on stream. They go through the channel list in the game category to find a channel with paying with viewers tag. You can arrange a community night once a week or month to generate more hype among them. This particular thing helps a lot gaining new viewers specially when just started your twitch. This will also increase your relationship with the community. So don’t forget to use play with viewers tag often.

Playing with viewers

Creative title.

It seems to be very effective to get twitch viewers. Twitch promotes every stream on their platform. Whenever your stream is surfaced to a twitch viewer he must click to your stream to join. The title of the stream is the key part to get him clicked. Here you have to be creative. You have to ask yourself what title will attract viewers to your stream. And for a new streamer, the task is more difficult. People will not come to see your stream instead of big streamers. In this case, you can take some tips. For example, asking for help in the title like “I am a noob, help me” or talking about a goal daily “6/10 viewers today”. These will attract people. Above all, you have to be creative yourself. The below video might be helpful.

Create and keep a routine.

This is very important. When you are a new streamer, your job is to build a community. And to do that, you have to gain the trust of the viewers. If you stream from time to time, then the viewers you already get will also fall on the shot because they will not be able to rely on you. How will they know whether you will stream after this or not? Or if you stream a few hours after the scheduled time? Viewers also have a plan to watch the stream. They will plan based on your schedule. So if you do not follow the routine, you will lose the trust of viewers and also lose them. So you have to be in a routine, and it is important.

Talk to your viewers.

Most of the viewers on Twitch want to interact with the streamer as well as other viewers. In this case, it is your responsibility to bring them into the conversation. You should talk to every viewer and welcome them. You can ask some questions for all the viewers. Whenever you have some time in between streaming, you can celebrate something with them. Remembering your viewers can be a good idea. You can keep the names of active viewers.

Invite family, friends.

You can invite your family and friends. Here are several reasons to call family, friends. First, they will increase the number of your viewers. Even if they do nothing but sit still, your viewer count will increase. Second, the more people in your chatbox, the higher the rank of your channel. Twitch algorithm promotes a stream with an active chatbox. So even if you have 3 people in your chatbox, your rank will be on top of those who have zero views. Moreover, people visit into a stream where people exist. People always like to make friends. So the view counts you can get from your family and friends attract more viewers.

family on your stream

Show your unique characteristics.

If you have any unique characteristics or talents in you, share them with the viewers. It will help you to get closer to them as well as getting new viewers. You can share weird things about you or something like fewer people can do. Remember, every person has some own characteristics which separate them one from the other. To find out what is unique in you and share with them.


Enjoy the game you play.

You have to stream a few days a week. Then it is good for you to enjoy the game. It will give you a different excitement and energy. And the viewers will also feel happy to see it. If any work is not enjoyable, it becomes a burden at once. I have seen many famous streamers who ended up like this. That is why all streamers should enjoy the game.

Using cool music

You can use songs without royalty while streaming to attract Twitch viewers. In this case, keep in mind that other streaming platforms, including Twitch, have a strong emphasis on copyright. Hopefully, now many royalty-free songs are available online. Get music from or They have a lot of copyright royalty-free music FREE. You can use them to make your streaming more aesthetic and appealing. Keep in mind music apps like Spotify do not provide royalty-free music.

Using aesthetic overlays.

Overlays will make your streaming more attractive and more appealing. If you throw some extra overlays or animations while streaming, it will make your streaming more aesthetic, and the viewers will also have fun. These overlays will not interfere with your streaming. In addition, viewers will place your streaming on top of any simple streaming without any overlays or animations.

Make YouTube videos

It can be a great option to drive people from YouTube to your twitch channel. Many streamers became successful doing this. Suppose you have no idea about what kind of videos you should make. You have options here. You can make videos of breaking several records in several games. If you are not good enough, you can make funny clips of your gameplay. You can make videos of answering several questions. You don’t have to reach so many views. Remember, if you get a 1k view, then other 1k people are also noticed about you. So you can try this to get new viewers.

Hosting giveaways and promotions.

Sometimes you can host giveaways to promote your channel. It will attract viewers. It will accelerate your growth on twitch with little to no expense. Like you can give away gift cards or a used mouse. Sometimes it can be a problem. Some viewers only attend to your giveaways, disappears then. If you host a giveaway, make sure it is not only a transaction. Try to interact with the whole attendant. The other type of giveaway is in-game item drops. This is a lot better option than the other one because it will only attract twitch viewers of your niche. So give it a shot when possible.

Promoting through social media.

It can be a game-changer. The key to attracting people is to reach as many as possible. You can think of this as a fishing net. The bigger you throw, the more fishes you can catch. I have seen so many streamers getting heroes from zero by getting viral through social media. You can promote your channel through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., by sharing with your online friends.

promote twitch on social medias
Social promotion

Collaborate with other streamers.

Create a network with other streamers of your size. Find entertaining content creators whom you believe your audience will love. Support them when they need it. Host their streams when you’re offline. Raid their streams before stopping streaming. They will come up with same thing and hence you will gain new viewers on your channel.

Co-stream with others.

Find streamers of your same size and make similar content. If they are willing, you can collaborate or play challenges. You can often gain followers or potential viewers from co-streams. The best option is to choose people who stream at slightly different times. So you can raid each other occasionally.

Host fun events.

Occasionally you can divert your viewers from usual contents to fun events. Try to do things that can generate hype. You can host birthdays, anniversaries, milestone celebrations, etc. These will look different depending on the channel.

Raid other streams.

Raiding other streams after your streaming can gain you more viewers. You can raid or visit random streaming before log off. Visiting many times into the same channel won’t gain you viewers as you will get familiar with that streamer. You can collaborate with him if you like each other. That will be beneficial for both of you. To populate your raid you can buy twitch viewers from this website

Keeping balance with other works.

Everybody understands it. The more you stream, the more chances you have of getting viewers, the more chances of getting recognized. If you have much time to stream, that’s good. But as a social person, we have to balance things like school, family, social works. We cannot deny it. As a starter, streaming three days a week for 3 hours each day can be good. But if you could do more after balancing, that will be better. But streaming 7 days a week for 0 viewers will make no sense.

Running polls, using chatbots

Viewers always want to be engaged with the streamer. So you can keep a long-time poll in the chatbox where viewers can participate in real-time. The more engaged the viewers are, the more they will like it. You can use chatbots which will frequently post some messages, answer some commonly asked questions, etc. If you use a chatbot, your viewer count will never get zero because a chatbot is also counted as a viewer.


These are some effective ways to grow on Twitch. You can try to get a lot more out of it if you want. Never be ashamed to ask for feedback from people you trust. Those who want the best for you will definitely help you. And if you have dedication and concentration, you will grow on twitch whatsoever.

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