How to get the first 50 followers on Twitch – 2022

How to get the first 50 followers on Twitch – 2022

I’m going to be covering some of the best tips on how to grow your Twitch follower account so you can get your first 50 followers to start but also grow beyond that initial goal and get even more.

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 So why do we as streamers want more followers

Becoming a Twitch affiliate is one of the main reasons. Since getting 50 followers is one of the three requirements to becoming a Twitch affiliate, naturally, it’s one of the first main goals for new streamers. Other than that, If you have a decent following, then people will get notified when you’re live. They may join in on the stream, thus helping the channel grow, which is really cool, but it’s important to know that Twitch growth is hard and discoverability on the platform itself is basically nonexistent in the beginning.

Here are some tips to reach the first 50 followers:

1. Invite Friends and family

Invite Family and Friends

While long term growth is better leveraged through other platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram,  and so on. Getting your first few followers can be tough, and it’s especially hard starting at zero, but we’ve all had to do it. That being said, you can avoid starting from zero if you simply reach out to your family and friends and ask them to follow your channel. Post in group chats, your family group chat, your friends, group chat. They don’t have to all be gamers. If they’re close to you, it’s likely they’ll support you, and that bit of encouragement can make a big difference. You can even reach out to other groups of people in your life that you might not be super close with, like people at work or school or on your soccer team, and help cultivate those relationships, helping your stream grow in the process.

2. Play discoverable games

Play discoverable games

 Games you can play and get discovered. in you’ve probably heard people mentioned don’t play saturated games or play unsaturated games, but that can be also helpful. The discoverable games, games that help you get discovered. If playing older hits like getting over it or popular games where people with just a few viewers can be seen within the first few rows of a category are the best games to stream. Chess is a good example where there’s a steady viewership that’s not concentrated on only a few channels but spans across the many streamers in the category. While still not having too much competition. Getting over it is good in its own way because it’s a frustrating game to play, and that makes it more entertaining to watch. People will also often just come into your stream to troll you and trick you into a game restart, which is great for content, a little annoying. It builds conversation and gives people a reason to jump into your stream, even if it’s not necessarily for your benefit, at least at first. Both of these games are great because people can give you tips on how to improve. If you can find games where people can help mentor you, then there’s a lot of conversation about the best strategies, et cetera, thus increasing engagement with chat.


3. Play games that people can play with you

Play games that people can play with. You often just adding that playing with viewers tag to your stream for a game that somebody can quickly jump into gets you a follow and ends up being a lot of fun. People jump into your chest stream immediately follow you and then ask to play a match. It can be that easy.

Play games that people can play with you

The Last one: Attract people

You want people to have a general understanding of what the stream is about before they click on it, or you want to capture their attention by making them laugh, and so on. So they’re more enticed to jump into the stream. You can also add a follower goal to the end of your title, letting people know you’re trying to reach a certain milestone. Sometimes this encourages people to join your stream and give you a follow, especially if they enjoy the vibe of the stream. Most of the time, people are happy to help you out and feel good about helping you reach your goal.

A lot of growing your followers comes down to creating a community that people want to be a part of, and in order to do that, you have to interact with your viewers, ask them questions, and discuss different subjects so they can learn more about you and you can learn more about them. 

Also, don’t focus on the number of viewers in your stream. Just keep the conversation going, voice your actions, your thoughts so that when someone does join, they can immediately jump in on the conversation as it’s already going and not have to worry about feeling awkward.

Strategies to avoid:

1. Avoiding follow for follow

One strategy that you should avoid, that is follow for follow. Don’t do it. It just doesn’t work. Having someone follow you just to increase your follower that has no interest in you or your channel and will never join in on any one of your streams works against you because you’re not gaining anything. Sure that number goes up, but you’re effectively where you were before you and that person had any sort of contact. If you can even call it that,  you want to be able to truly measure where you are when it comes to your growth, and having accounts that follow you but never interact with you doesn’t do anything for your stream.

Follow for follow

If you do a giveaway, be sure to reward loyal viewers for regularly tuning in or celebrate some sort of milestone. Or don’t do giveaways to increase followers.

  • Avoid giveaways for growth

Is Streaming is something you really want?

Yes. I mean, who wouldn’t want to make living playing video games? But are you actually willing to put in all the time and effort into doing it? Do you think you can beat out the millions of other people trying to do the same if you hit a roadblock or growth is stagnant, how are you going to handle that? 

I encourage everyone who has the interest to go out there and give it a try. Put your creativity on things,  enjoy building your brand, enjoy that sense of accomplishment when you’ve made a new friend or provided value to others in whatever it is you’re doing. That’s really what it’s all about. It should be a  fun process and make you happy.

I just want you to be aware of the realities of the idea of making it as a big streamer, so you can really think about whether or not streaming is for you. 

If you’re still reading this article, you’re committed and willing to give streaming a try.

So there you have it. Don’t lose hope, keep pushing.

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