10 Best Ways to Get 50 Twitch Followers Fast

10 Best Ways to Get 50 Twitch Followers Fast

Do you want to learn how to get followers fast while streaming live on Twitch? If you’re looking to get 50 followers as quickly as possible so you can reach twitch affiliate or start making money, I have 10 tips to help you out.

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1. You are always going to want to be talking.

It can be difficult for some people, myself included, to think of things to say on a stream when there’s nothing going on. In those cases, just talk about what you’re doing and narrate your stream. This works for any type of content you might be streaming on Twitch.

2. Find a way to brand yourself.

Do something unique that stands out from all the other streamers. Create your own unique theme or add a lore to your stream. For me, my colors are orange and blue and I always like to wear a blue hat and something orange. This way people can know it’s me at just a glance.

3. Stream to category that have zero to 30 viewers.

These are niche games. A lot of the time the smaller games only have a couple of streamers, but a lot more viewers. Some people don’t know that if you stream some of these small games, you can end up with your first stream having ten viewers. And a lot of the time these games are easy follows. People see them playing their favorite game. That not a lot of streamers play. They’re going to follow your stream. So if you find yourself streaming one of these games, start making content on YouTube for that game. This will give you a lot of potential to boost your follows.

4. Put some goals on your stream.

I made some goals for myself in terms of what equipment I wanted to get, and asked for donations to help me reach those goals. I think that having these goals in place helped to keep people coming back to my stream, because they wanted to see how close I was to reaching them. Of course, this was back in 2018, so I’m not sure if it would work now, but it’s worth a shot!

5. Be engaging with your viewers.

When a viewer comes in your stream and says hi in chat, say hi back, have a conversation with them and ask how their day is. Try to build relationships with your viewers that make them want to hit the follow button and come back next time.

6. Utilize the channel Points.

Twitch recommends the lowest costing channel point to your viewers. This is a great way to get your viewers engaged with your channel and possibly get that follow. All you have to do is make a simple channel point reward that makes viewers say high in chat and make this redeemable for about 50 points. So when a viewer redeems this, it says high in the chat. This is pretty simple and pretty easy, but it gets people engaged.

7. Make content on YouTube.

If you want to grow your Twitch following in 2022, you should focus on creating content on YouTube. Posting on other social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok can help promote your stream, but if you’re not networking and engaging with your audience on those platforms, you’re missing out on potential followers.

8. Stream your talents and hobbies.

Gaining like-minded viewers for easy follows. If you like making beats, then stream yourself making beats and there’s definitely going to be someone else out there who likes music that’s going to hit up the follow button on your stream.

9. Make a schedule and stick to your schedule.

Now you don’t have to stream every single day to gain followers. You can literally stream like three times a week, but you just got to stick to that schedule so viewers know when you go live on your days off. Just make content on YouTube on your days off so your viewers know when to expect new content from you.

10. Always strive to make the quality of your content better and better.

Another great way to get followers is to have good quality content. So make sure you have good quality, a clear webcam, and your mic sound nice. But if you start live streaming and your setup is not the greatest, and it’s just a little low quality, don’t worry. You can still grow on stream and get followers.


And there you have it. There are ten tips on how to go from zero to 50 followers on Twitch. If you found one of these tips really helpful, comment down below.

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