8 Unique Tips to Grow as a Small Streamer in 2022
grow on twitch easily and smartly

8 Unique Tips to Grow as a Small Streamer in 2022

Small streamer? Learn to how to grow your twitch channel easily. Also some tricks to attract new viewers and gain followers.

In this article, we are gonna talk about 8 unique tips to grow your stream. This will help you to reach the 3 average viewers, as well as to continue growing after you’ve reached affiliate. I will cover some of the best engagement methods to turn someone who’s just joined your chat into a chatter and active viewer who will come back. Let’s get into the very first tip

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One to one engagement

Being a small streamer you can do what no large streamers can do. You have a tool at your disposal that nobody else can touch. You’re able to interact and engage viewers on a one to 1 level. Trust me, there is an audience out there looking to watch small streamers. Many twitch users say, he is just a guy who likes to watch 25 average viewers streamers. I get more attention in one to 1 value there, and that’s totally fine. They are called small streamer community viewers and you are the one who can have them on your channel.

twitch one to one engagement
One to one engagement


Don’t forget the people join your chat

Try to memorize some information about your chatters. You can do it simply by just remembering who they are and remembering something about them will take you further than any other creator can for them. I see so many small streamers trying to treat their small community like the large streamers do, and that’s just gonna hurt your viewers. If someone comes into your stream, remember them because they come back a second time and you say, Oh, Hey, Man X, go back for the second time. It’s good to see you. How you’ve been, man. I promise you that Man X will come back for a third, fourth, fifth, and probably never leave if you continue to remember who they are and what they like. My biggest tip for this is to remember a small piece of information about every single person who joins your stream. If Man X says that he loves the Kingdom Hearts series, lock that in. Next time he’s here. Ask him about it. Talk to him about it. You will go so much further if your audience considers themselves a community member and not just a number. So engage your viewers one to 1.

Remember your community
Remember your community

Outplay Your Competitors

To grow on twitch faster you need to stand out from the crowd and gain visibility for your channel. To stand out from the crowd of normal streamers just giving a try to be a full-time streamer, you can buy twitch viewers. By buying twitch viewers you will have more concurrent viewers than others. This will give you the advantage of getting on top of the category list. So, you will end up getting more people on the stream. The only website I can suggest to buy twitch viewers is shared here. They support raid features while no other offers. Also, they are offering free trials so you should definitely give it a try at least. Read my article on the 5 best websites to buy twitch viewers to know in-depth about buying twitch viewers.

Always call to action

A call to action is just simply designed to make a viewer or user take action on something. For example, it could just be saying out loud, Hey, guys, if you’re enjoying the stream, consider checking us to follow it’s free, and it really helps us out that are a call to action.
It’s simple, it’s easy, or it can even be more complicated. Maybe you have some graphic assets that pop up to remind you able to Subscribe to your channel later in this video. On screen, follow donation or subscriber goals and why you’re using them wrong. You see this community we run, Pauls. We run a lot of them because I love planning out data and using it to help inform you guys as creators in this particular one. We wanted to find out whether or not a donation goal or Subscribe a gold bar would make people
more likely to donate or Subscribe to our channel. Interestingly, with just under 5,000 votes on this poll, 69% nice said that they were not more likely to support if someone had a donation or subscriber goal, whereas 31% said they were absolutely more
likely to support. If you’re not producing good content that’s engaging for viewers, no amount of call to action or polls is going to help. The second thing we learned is that people are much more likely if the goal is for followers, obviously, because they don’t have to invest
any money and there’s no barrier for them to do it. They can just click Follow. That said, people are more likely to support monetary goals and follower goals if they are close to achieving the goal. Another segment of people said that they were more likely to support if the thing they were supporting would increase the quality of the content or directly support the streamer. For example, a big special event stream or a piece of new equipment to replace something that broke. Now, this poll was done to Twitch viewers who are trying to become small streamers, which means that the results will slightly skew. But they’re supposed to skew to the side of saying that the goals on screen are going to be more effective at generating revenue, which wasn’t the case. And the other issue is that we know from prior research, having a visual call to action or visual goal on-screen does increase engagement because that 69% of people didn’t say that they saw a goal and it made them not want to support it. It was just that they weren’t more likely to support, which means putting a goal up doesn’t detract. 31% of people are still more likely, which means you’ll still increase your revenue. So Let’s summarize all this down into some actionable tips for you. First things first, if you’re going to create an onscreen overlay goal, make it look nice. That’s not from the pole. I just can’t stand how they look a lot of the time from the actual poll, though. Second, if you’re gonna do it, use follower goals more so than other because people are more likely to follow them. If you do decide to use subscriber goals or heck, even with your follower goals, make them daily and make them very achievable. Set it as 15 followers in a stream or whatever size your channel normally get. Make it really achievable and easy. I talked about how I used to have a subscriber goal of one sub a stream, and it
made people often just do it to reach it because it was easy for them to achieve.

call to action
Call to action

Don’t use followers only chat

Now, this call to action is designed to make people leave your channel because why the heck would someone want to follow your channel in order to simply speak to you? You’re a small streamer. Turn off follow only chat for the love of God. All right, Let’s keep moving.

Followers only chat
Followers only chat

Game and Content types

Many have a misconception that he is not gonna play the same game over and over again. That selling his soul. I’m not gonna play the same game over and over again. I don’t want to be known for one thing. I’m really sorry, guys, but if you’re not willing to stick to one piece of content while you build your first audience, it’s not that you’re not going to be known for one game, it’s that you’re not going to be known for anything. There is nothing wrong with focusing on one piece of content while you grow your audience. In fact, it is the best way to grow your audience. If you see growth from a small game, stick to it. If you switch two days after getting five followers from GTA, you’re probably not gonna have those people from Gwent come back and watch you play Valorant. Transitioning down the Line Once your biggest streamer is hard, it’s hard to switch between niches. You see it all the time, but it’s not as difficult as trying to actually build an audience across 24 different types of content. If you want to build your audience, pick a Discoverable category that you’ve seen returning and then stick to it. Keep working on it. Be consistent with it, and that is okay. You see it all the time on YouTube. People create content and they create content. They create content, and then one of the pieces of content sticks. People enjoy watching it, so they double down and they make more of that content. It’s how we get giant trends of people playing trouble in terrorist towns or anything else. If you really want to be a Twitch affiliate as your goal, if you really want to have a small community of 20 to 30 viewers, all you have to do is be consistent with your content. Make sure you never miss a stream, lock that schedule in and show up and produce decent quality. Because I promise you that is 99% more than what most people are willing to do, and that’s not an exaggeration. The reason I’m bringing this up now is that lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of affiliates and even partners who have reached really high highs and then just started tanking. And it’s because they aren’t willing to keep the consistent quality of their content. They think they have to keep it fresh and brand new and change things up every few weeks. But in reality, changing things up is just getting rid of the
content that people wiped from you. You need to find a way to keep the content people enjoyed fresh without completely losing what allowed you to grow.

Managing Preroll Ads

After being twitch affiliate you will have to deal with the pre-roll ads. We know that pre-roll ads have a huge bounce rate meaning that people aren’t even reaching your content they see an ad and they leave. So how do we turn off pre-roll ads? Well there are three ways we can do that the first is by not being an affiliate which kind of sucks because we want to get subs we want to get bits we want to get emotes. So this is not an option after affiliated. The second option is much better. Run your own ads. If you run your own ads for 120 seconds when you go take a bathroom break you’ll turn off pre-rolls for 35 to 40 minutes. Meaning that people who will join your stream won’t see an ad and they’ll get straight into your content. A lot of people complain about ads on twitch but it’s so easy to stop them from being a thing on your stream. Another fantastic part about this is that right behind producing good quality content a motivator in order for people to subscribe is turning off ads so every time you have to go to the bathroom and run 120 seconds of ads if a viewer doesn’t want to see them or they’re more likely to subscribe as long as they like your content.

preroll ads twitch
Pre Roll ads twitch

Creating Hype Train

Hype train can appear on the twitch front page. Because it takes only 3 US dollars or 100 bits donated from three different people to create a hype train, which puts you on the front page of twitch. Do you know how many times a hype train has started I’ve appeared on the front page and someone has joined and said hey I just like finding hype trains and supporting them and then dropped a huge sum of bits in order to get to level five six times six times. A random person from the front page has finished my hype train for me and it doesn’t even have to be just the bits. If one person subscribes another person does a gift up and another person does 100 bits or any of those three things combined in the space of three events you will start a hype train, and you will have the chance to appear on the front page in front of a whole new audience of viewers. Obviously if you want people to support you using these methods you need to be an affiliate. You also probably need to turn off your paypal donation link so that they’re forced to support you with bits and subs. But at the end of the day I think it’s a small price to pay three usd to appear on the front page of twitch.

Hype train twitch
Hype train twitch

Channel Points

As you know when someone joins your stream they instantly start accruing channel points and if they were to follow your stream they’re given 200 to 300 channel points. When they receive those 200 or 300 points there is something that they can redeem for that price. Twitch will do a pop-up and say hey why not spend your channel points on this now let’s say for example that you have a channel point redeemed for 300 points, and it simply says say hi I’m new. Again like someone follows you but they haven’t spoken yet however twitch pops up and says hey why don’t you say hi once. One redeems this by saying hi I’m new on chat. It’s free it’s a harmless click. Now you have yourself a new active chatter that you can say hey Man X welcome in. I wave back hope you’re having a good day. I discovered this because I have a channel point redeem called posture check. I used to and it cost 250 channel points and I noticed this because every single time someone followed they would then follow it up with a posture check. That’s when i found out they were being given these points and told to use them. So I switched it out for the say hi I’m new. Then I have seen a huge increase in turning followers into active chatters. I’m able to start conversations. If you’re not an affiliate yet you can do something similar using cloudbot. Simply giving people points when they follow. But if you are an affiliate you need to set this up right away. I promise you it takes five minutes to set up and it will go such a long distance.

Twitch channel points
Twitch channel points


So with all that out of the way I hope you guys have some more tips to engage your viewers and make them community members by remembering them turn off your ads increase your subscribers get better to call to actions and get those channel points up and running so you can get yourself some chatters I’ll see you guys next week have a good.

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