7 Easy Ways to Get An Average of 3 Viewers On Twitch Fast
average 3 viewers on twitch fast

7 Easy Ways to Get An Average of 3 Viewers On Twitch Fast

In this article, we are going to be covering a bunch of different strategies to help you get to those 3 average viewers on Twitch. So that way you can get to twitch affiliate. If you’re one of those people struggling to get those three average viewers on Twitch for affiliate, then you need to read this article. Let’s roll into it.

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Introduction on average 3 viewers

Starting with a common question. Will you have to have 3 people watching all 30 days?

The answer is No.

Now, when it comes to the 30-day period that you have to get the three average viewers, it is a rolling 30 days. So as every day passes, you still have those past 30 days to get that requirement. So let’s say you started your stream in the first couple of streams that you stream. You only were getting like one or two viewers in your stream. Then eventually those streams will fall off, not counting towards the average after they pass that 30-day window. So just remember, you have 30 days, but it’s a rolling 30 days. It’s really just present-day to the past 30 days. That way you don’t have to worry about getting this all in the 30-day period. So, you have an infinite amount of time to get this done.

Average 3 viewers

1. So to kick this thing off with the first strategy, which is by far the easiest way for you to get 3 average viewers by yourself even though it’s not the most legit way of doing it.

And it’s going to be utilizing your friends and family members. So everyone reading this article should have at least one person that’s going to be willing to open up their stream and watch it while they’re live. Now, the best way to do this is just to open up a new browser, and even if they’re not really into Twitch or into watching streams or anything like that, they don’t want to watch you.

It will count it as a view, and they can just leave that up for any time you go live. And that’s going to be a few free, easy views for you anytime you go live if they just have that open up on the browser. Obviously, this will work much better if they actually give you some feedback and actually watch the stream as well, and maybe even interact with you to make it a little easier for you to talk when you first get started. Any feedback you receive when you first start out will be immensely helpful in figuring out what you’re doing wrong. So to get a little boost right when you first get started, utilize your friends and family members if you have them. Most of us should have at least one person willing to do this for us.

Invite Friends and family

2. Use all your available Smart Devices

In modern days, almost everyone has multiple digital devices, from smartphones to tablets to laptops. It’s become a part of our everyday lives.

Now the thing you will do is, open your twitch stream on all your devices like TV, laptops, and Mobile phones. Every device will be counted as a twitch viewer. This will help you get 3 or more viewers for free. Thus it will help you improve your average viewers count to hit twitch affiliate easily and quickly.

Digital devices

3. Embed your stream on our website

Embedding your Twitch stream on our website can help increase your viewership and engagement. This is because it makes it easier for people to find and watch your stream, and also attracts people who may not be familiar with Twitch. An increase in viewers can lead to more success for your channel. Embedding on our website will help you get

  • 10+ live viewers
  • Ranking on the category list
  • New people should be joining your channel
  • You can Raid your friend’s channel
  • Increase the total visibility of your channel
  • Increase your twitch followers

You can embed your stream on our website by visiting this link.

4. Try a paid twitch promotion. You can read my article on buying twitch viewers as a guide to doing this.

Right now, Twitch has absolutely zero sorts of algorithms to get people discovered. In fact, from Twitch’s standpoint, if you were a new user to the platform, they’re more incentivized to send you to someone that can hold like 20,000 people versus someone that is only at two to three viewers.

Because from their standpoint, that 20,000 viewer person is more entertaining and can hold those kinds of entertainment people and keep people on the platform a lot longer than that two to three streamer can. So from their point of view, it’s safer to send new people to people that are popular rather than people that are really low on the totem pole. With only a few viewers, the only way to guarantee that that person is going to stick around and be more entertained is to put them towards the people that already have more people watching them.

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Twitch Viewers for free!

5. This strategy is going to help you just improve overall. It’s not necessarily going to bring in more people, but it will help you keep people in your streams.

And that’s actually watching your own stream content and figuring out what you can improve on without being super biased and thinking your content is the best content out there. So we’re going to want to do is go into your past broadcast and actually sit there and watch through a whole stream as if you were a viewer and find out the points that things maybe you did well. This way, you can encourage yourself to keep going with things you didn’t like on the stream, maybe some slow points that you see that you can improve on, or some jokes that you missed that you can add in there. You may find it helpful to write down your thoughts and objectives to get a clearer idea of what you’re doing and what you can improve on in your stream. Another thing that can help this is if you have your stream open and you watch it and then you go to watch a more popular streamer and see all the things that they do really well. And some of the stuff that maybe you can implement into your own content, obviously you don’t want to just copy them completely from what they’re doing.

Improve stream quality

6. So this next strategy is going to be networking before you get flashbacks of LinkedIn or business schools or anything like that. Of all the unfun stuff, networking can actually be pretty interesting if it’s done the right way.

There are many ways to do things right, but there are also many ways to do things wrong. The right there is exactly what not to do as a streamer. You don’t want to be just shoving in other streamer’s faces that you’re also a streamer, and then they should follow you and watch your content because most people will just ignore you and also follow for following is not networking. Don’t do this. It’s not going to help you either. Just do not do follow for follow.

There are several great ways to network with content creators that you enjoy watching. First, simply be a part of their community and interact with them as you would any other viewer. Secondly, don’t expect anything in return for your efforts. If you’re only interested in networking in order to funnel more people into your own stream, people will pick up on this and you’ll be ignored. Finally, find the content you genuinely enjoy and be an active, engaged member of that community.

Eventually, people will get to know you, and the fact that they know you might in turn into some people checking out your streams. This is better than zero people knowing you. So basically networking is just getting more people to know that you exist and that you stream. So do it the right way. Essentially you’re just making friends in a similar field that you’re doing and it’s by far the best way to grow when you first get started with streaming.


7. Put some content on YouTube, put some content on TikTok with some content on Instagram, just kind of see what works and what sticks and works well for you.

I really prefer YouTube, but I’ve noticed that a lot of people want to set up highlights and stream reels. I don’t think that really works well on YouTube though. Again, it’s still better than doing nothing. So if that’s your only option, then definitely go for it!

But I think something like best game highlights and stream highlights work better on Instagram, Reels, and TikTok. I think that’s just a much better platform for that kind of content because when it comes to highlights on YouTube, usually people don’t care about your highlights unless they already know who you are.

But again, it is still a much better thing to do rather than do nothing. And of course, the kind of content that you want to create is going to kind of dictate which platform you’re on. And obviously, some content works better on other platforms.

Read my blog post on the best place to promote twitch channel to get a better picture of twitch promotion.

Promote on social media


The takeaway from this article is that if you want to get to Twitch affiliate, you need to get 3 average viewers. One of the best ways to do this is by embedding your Twitch stream on our website. This will make it easier for people to find and watch your stream and also attract people who may not be familiar with Twitch. An increase in viewers can lead to more success for your channel.

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